[WINNER CHOSEN] zesty #13 Batman Vs Superman V1 & V2 custom lenticular slipboxes (9 winners)

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Feb 3, 2012
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Morning all and welcome to a new Ninja Week :D

Here's a pair of custom lenticular slipboxes for Batman Vs Superman V1 & V2 below made by me. I have 9 of these so 9 winners will be chosen. :D

Main rule is thank, not thumbs up, not helpful, just thank this post/OP. This is where the list of names will come from and if your not on it you won't be in it even if you do post something in the thread.

Winner pays shipping please bear this in mind when entering and do not enter if this will be to much for you

What side are you on Batman or Superman? Gifs/Pics welcome

So all that's left to say is have fun fellow Ninja's


CLOSED WINNERS ARE @Collecta @scwilson11 @ckman88 @fcagno @Smudger1279 @lights @HUBMUSWELL @kbr1656 @angel21tx
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