Tue-Day 2 [WINNERS CHOSEN] 2 HDN Premium Memberships - Dual Give-Away!

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May 18, 2013
@Wreck @digitalbabe @apsmith21 HDN FU**ING ROCKS!!! :cool::notworthy::drool:

Hello Ninjas! Now with Ninja Week in full speed on its 2nd day, @MGD and myself would like to present another Dual Give-Away! :woot: We did the same last year and we'll do it again for the next! :thumbs: Both of us are offering 1 Premium Membership each! This is our way of showing our love and appreciation to this amazing place!
Ninja Week 2016 - GA Dual Give-Away!.jpg

RULES: Most importantly... Have fun!

Let us know why HDN ROCKS! :woot: Also, we'd like to know what's been your most favorite memory of being a member here! :thumbs:

*BONUS* - Premium Members are not allowed to enter, but they can nominate/tag others! ;)

Ninja Week 2016 - GA Membership!.jpg

Now is your chance to become a Premium Member, Enjoy NINJAS! This Give-Away will come to an end on February 28th! MGD and myself will announce the winners on the last day of Ninja Week!


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HDN is amazing because it brings all my favourite things together, films, tv shows, blu Rays, steelbooks, collectibles, games and much more.

Best memory was when I was introduced to all the different steelbook companies.

Thanks for the giveaway :thumbs:
HDN Rocks because of the true sense of 'community' that you just don't get on any other forum. I've made a lot of brothers (and sisters) here already and the content of the forum and the banter is just awesome. Not to mention the giveaways and the generosity like we're seeing this week.

Rock On HDN.


I've some awesome memories on here. But one that will always stand out is when a Christmas present turned up in the post out of nowhere one year from a member on here simply because he felt like it! And he noticed it was a steelbook that he couldn't see in my collection thread at the time. I'll never forget that day, opening it, surprised, and my kids not understanding how a 'stranger' would send me a steelbook for nothing!!! :LOL: :p

Awesome memory. And an awesome Ninja. You know who you are if you're reading :notworthy:
HDN is amazing because:
- are here amazing people!,
- very helpful people,
- are here the great people with that same passion,
- is true place for collectors,
- you can see any steelbook at the world,
- Ninja Week

Thanks for the giveaway!
Thanks @Mickle_89 for the tag mate! That is a prime example of why HDN rocks, other ninjas always helping others out :thumbs::notworthy: a good sense of community!
My favourite memory would have to be when I won a giveaway for Disneys Robin Hood from the man that is @Naughtius Maximus which was for my Daughter, only to find that when it arrived he threw in the Hunchback of Notre Dame as well!:woot: Which was really cool of him and was the other Disney steel missing from her collection at the time! A very happy girl she was.
Although I ate the chocy bar, she wasn't having that!!:rofl::rofl::LOL:

Thanks for the giveaway @bloodsnake007 & @MGD You guys rock!!:thumbs:
Hdn rocks because it's an absolutely friendly, helpful and informative hub of information on everything geeky and collectible. From steelbooks to hot toys to funkos, there's something for every geek out there no matter that the vice.

My favourite moment on HDN was when I enquired about the John Wick lenticular from Novamedia earlier this year (my first novamedia lenticular/release) as I had missed the group buy and a fellow member went out of their way to message me offering one for a very reasonable price. I was taken back by such a friendly and fair gesture and have been an avid member ever since taking part in lots of group buys and general discussions
HDN rocks because it helps to feed my addiction, its THE source for information on all upcoming releases & its got a bunch of really kick-ass members that are not only friendly, helpful & informative, but also funny as hell.

Favorite memory was joining my first groupbuy which I think was for the Terminator 2 Mondo release. First time joining a groupbuy & it was just super exciting. And the wait for the steelbook to arrive was the same sort of tension you feel waiting for Christmas.
HDN just rocks because it's the only place where you can get the right information concerning all particular editions you can be after, just amazing that every ninjas from every country managed to add all their knowledge to all that stuff! :rofl:
HDN is awesome coz it has all that i love in just one place, as for the best memory here is how DB helped me with my first GB and made sure my first experience with this wouldn't pushed me away; since then i love HDN forever! :)
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