Wed-Day 3 [Winner's Chosen] lenticularis' Giveaway # 2 - Win One of Three Steelbooks

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Jul 15, 2014
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Feb 24 - Feb 28
Who is eligible?

All registered members
The Prize:
One steelbook per winner from the following selection. Please list your choice in order of preference.

All the steelbooks are new and sealed. Please note that there is a small mark near the top right edge of the Avengers steelbook and I do not know if this is just on the shrinkwrap or on the steel itself.


The Challenge:
Inspired by a Zavvi listing misprint :LOL: :rofl::

P Jackson Zavvi.jpg

Your challenge is to change a film title in a similar way. For example 'The Silence of the Lamps'.
Forum friendly please, and gifs appreciated.

Have fun!

Terms / Info
One entry per person. The competition will close at 13.00 GMT on Sunday Feb 28. The winners will be chosen at random and notified later that day.
I will cover the cost of standard shipping only. If a tracked service is required the extra cost will be met by the winner.

Good Luck everyone!
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