[WINNERS CHOSEN]zesty #1 bumper box of leftover custom lenticular slipboxes + a few more (3 winners)


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Feb 3, 2012
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So it turns out not everyone can be bothered to claim their prizes after a week so here they are up for grabs again :D
Add to that the fact that I forgot to create a thread for Matirx Trilogies and we end up with this

1st prize of one of each of the below
Matrix Trilogies
Captain America Civil War
Star Wars Rogue One

Winner is @Jeek

2nd prize of 1x Deadpool and 1x Matrix Trilogies

Winner is @ocielz

3rd prize of 1x Matrix Trilogies

Winner is @vega2k

Main rule is thank, not thumbs up, not helpful, just thank this post/OP. This is where the list of names will come from and if your not on it you won't be in it even if you do post something in the thread.

Winner pays shipping and obviously there are quite a few here so will need a big box and will not be cheap! Please bear this in mind when entering and do not enter if this will be to much for you

Post that you are willing to pay the postage and packing and not ignore my PM's :hilarious:

So all that's left to say is have fun fellow Ninja's


The runners
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Thanks for the give away.
I'm more than happy to pay the postage costs if I was to win
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I hereby agee to your terms and conditions including but not limited to giving you my full and undivided attention and agree to being responsible for the costs associated with shipping of winnings associated with this giveaway. ;)

Thank you for the giveaway by the way.
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Thanks Zesty!
(Please please please I hope I win I'm so desperate to say I own a Zesty slip it's just not funny anymore! I know I'm sad but I don't care please please please! I will pay postage and check the heck out of my PMs)
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Thanks @zesty for the second chance at winning a rogue one custom slip. I have steelbooks for all of them except grimsby that are a little bare and could use something sexy and sleek for them to slip into

I'm very willing to pay for shipping and respond to any and all PM's
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will pay postage. :thumbs: will pay packing. :) will respond to PMs.:happy: will do most things to have another chance at a @zesty custom slip! :woot: thanks for giving us another chance, sir!

i promise i will not leave you like this.
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