Wonder Woman (4K+3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Blufans Exclusive #58) [China]

Aug 25, 2011
Hong Kong
Release date: TBA
Group buy: April 27, 2021 at 12 PM CST

0E3A948E-BD6B-4006-97B0-36D1E3391ABA.jpeg 778480F0-49F9-464F-B2CB-C0EB0DB8CF56.jpeg

5033D9CE-EAFC-4AC7-88F6-39F64AC9C4B3.jpeg 502C0C93-DB29-4CEB-8BEB-6997B1A130BF.jpeg
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Jan 28, 2019
So Blufans moving to DC titles
Hdz will not be too happy

Agree, Blufans stuck 2 fingers up Disney China


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Apr 28, 2011
Only just realised it’s for the first film. Thought it was for the new one.

Same when I saw the tag (thanks @TheCollector86) at first glance I thought it was for 1984 and was buzzing as there's some great poster art for that film but when I realised it was the first film I went a little flat on this. Manta and HDZ have already done two great releases

That being said I'm still down for a release of this art on a steelbook


(That was the placeholder art for the HMV release)
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