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Oct 6, 2014
Zagreb, Croatia
WonderCon release #1

Goonies (regular)
Artist: Kevin M. Wilson / Ape Meets Girl
Size: 24"x36"
Edition: 250
Price: $55
Info: Screen Print on Metallic Blue Paper

Mad Max: Fury Road
Artist: Jordan Buckner
Size: 12"x36"
Edition: 75
Price: $45
Info: Fine Art Print

live now at http://hcgart.com/collections/wc2016

more posters coming next week...

Edit: links and info
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I got a copy of the Goonies - don't like it quite as much as the orange variant but with it looking increasingly unlikely i'll get my hands on his Jaws poster, not a bad substitute. Shame the postage to UK is almost same price as the print in the first place!
WonderCon 2016 releases #2

Tarantino Tintype (Regular / Variant)
Artist: Tracie Ching
Size: 18x24
Edition: 35 / 30
Price: $45 / $50
Info: Screenprint
TarantinoTintype-Oren_1024x1024.png TarantinoTintype-Shoshanna_1024x1024.png TarantinoTintype-Mia-WEB_1024x1024.png

Demolition Man
Artist: Casey Callender
Size: 18x24
Edition: 150
Price: $45
Info: Fine Art Giclee Print

Artist: Francesco Francavilla
Size: 13x19
Edition: 150
Price: $35
Info: Fine Art Giclee Print
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I ordered Tracie Chings Oren Ishi variant last night but I'm having buyers remorse now. $30 shipping for a $50 print isn't very cost effective. :wow:

I should have bought more! :rofl::whistle: