X-Files Pop Vinyl [Funko]


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Jan 17, 2014
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I was having a discussion about which characters I would like made into pop figures. I really wanted the X-Files done and to my delight online I read that they are in the works.

These are the prototypes of Mulder and an alien.

No release date as yet but hopefully some time soon.

I can't wait :)
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Where could I get these-just Amazon @Flash ? Not sure if the link I posted earlier was just some pre-order or....thanks!

Hey, hmm a number of websites in the UK have them for preorder but you are in the US I see. They are just a standard release set for about April so I honestly think they will be readily available in your local stores that sell pop figures.

I am from the UK so obviously don't use the american sites (bar hot topic) but I've tried to find some places that are doing preorders for you. I don't know much about their shipping or packaging but here's a few places you could take a look at :)

http://www.entertainmentearth.com/hitlist.asp?company=Funko&theme=X-Files&collect=Pop! Vinyl Figures&SearchOrder=comthmcol


http://database.toywiz.com/index.php?b=X-Files&f=type&v=Viny Figure

Hope this helps :)