X-Men Quadrilogy Collection (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Only At Blufans) [China]

Release date: End of March, 2017 (TBC)
Price: TBA
Note: X-MEN Quadrilgy Collection WWA steelbooks OAB (Only at Blufans) includes X-Men: Apocalypse + X-Men: First Class + X-Men Origins: Wolverine + The Wolverine
All come with Blufans Exclusive Numbered Full Slip Case. Limited to 300 sets only.
Group Buy: Hosted by cooey
- Quadrilogy
- Apocalypse

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Feb 1, 2017
In case people are wondering why Days of Future Past was omitted, I asked Kevin over at the other forum and he said it's because some X-Men films (such as DoFP) don't have Blu-ray releases in China yet.

This set looks sick though! Especially the Wolverine pair together, then all of them stacked next to each other. Very cool.
Feb 1, 2017
I know these are only mock ups but they look pretty poor. I'm happy with my FAC releases

I like that the FAC releases include all the films as a complete set but the finish on the slips is a little boring for me. I get where you're coming from though. Hopefully they'll look better in hand!


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Apr 15, 2014
Not impressed with this, first time in a long time I don't like the artwork put out by Blufans, really don't need to buy these again tbh.


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Mar 27, 2013
SoCal, USA
no interest in this. dont like the steelbooks. don't like the slips. don't like the incompleteness. the coolest part about this is the back of the slips. this is yet another prime example of the idiotic barriers the studios erect between the retailers and the collectors. Marvel should let... no... not just let.... they should help/encourage the retailers to craft wea for their entire xmen universe of films.

produce wea individual releases, and I would be suckered into buying ALL of them.


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I mean, as individual releases, they look very cool. As a set, though, it doesn't make much sense. Why even bother doing this if DoFP is absent (which makes the full art piece from the rear of the slipboxes even weirder since it's promo art from DoFP)? And how is it that Apocalypse has a Chinese release before DoFP? They should've just went ahead with a Wolverine 2-pack and left the X-films until all could be done together.

Speaking of which, I do love the Wolverine films together. If this was a 2-pack, I'd be all over it. Then again, the art almost makes it look like he has four claws.