Yo Blu! It's Ninja Week!

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We're giving away "Blade" brand new sealed

What do you gotta do to win it .... JUST REPLY! :oohyeah:

Keep an eye on other boards as well!

There will be give-aways happening all week long through Friday ... no promises on the weekend.

As a blu-clan tip, here's where they will be located.

On the blu-ray forum board, on the steelbook board, on the ninja board, and right here in this thread. Each give-away is for ONE DAY ONLY ... So get your post in or you wont be eligible.

this is the only scheduled blu-clan give-away for the week, but if I find some other goodies I'll be sure to throw it up .... but don't worry we got some exclusive blu-clan give-aways to happen pretty soon too later on.


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