Young Frankenstein Zavvi Comic-Con Exclusive Steelbook Mini GB


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Dec 16, 2011
United Kingdom
The price of steel is £20 + £2 to cover packaging material and HDN costs (plus postage costs). Postage will be done recorded delivery and price differs depending on country. However, you are welcome to check postage costs at

Disclaimer: Some members requested in the past that they want standard post instead of recorded, if you choose this option then the item cannot be tracked, nor will reach quickly and no insurance claims can be made against it. But its upto you if you want to choose this option in order to reduce costs.

Postage costs are on top of the price quoted above:

First class recorded - £2.40 (1-2 layer of bubble wrap + packaged in cardboard mailer)
First class recorded - £4.30 (multiple bubble wrap layers + packaged in box)

Recorded tracked postage - £9-12 (depending on country)

Rest of world:
Recorded tracked postage - £13-15 (depending on country)

This GB is limited to 1 copy per member and i have 10 units only. Please add 5% on top for paypal fees if you cant pay by paypal gift option.

1. Naughtius Maximus - UK Box option (Paid) - POSTED
2. matton - Sweden (Paid) - POSTED
3. themovielover926 - Singapore (Paid) - POSTED
4. Masterblaster - Germany (paid) - POSTED
5. popeye - uk (paid) - POSTED
6. Crisstian Vicca - Italy (paid) POSTED
7. Renero79 - Italy (paid) POSTED
8. Il Furiano - Italy (paid) POSTED
9. Rickgrimes - Usa
10. hellboydce1 - Uk (paid) POSTED
11. denizen - South Africa (paid)

PS: Once you put your name down for the GB, no backing out, otherwise I will have to put you in the Blacklist, all other normal GB rules apply.
GB is NOT for debates, please post only if you want a copy!
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