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I built a unique Display Stand for my favorite Cyberpunk inspired movies & shows~! Lemm' know what cha think?
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I collected some of the Warner Premium Collection slipboxes. They bacame a lot in the meantime. These movies are so great, especially Looker and The Demon Seed are such movies I have never heard of before and so I had the possibility to watch them. Hope they do some more in the future. Here some pictures of my collection


I've twice ran into the same issue with an expired / invalid IOSS number with Arrow shipments. Possibly the issue is with Technicolor who seem to be handling Arrow's shipping.

Typically IOSS shipments simply arrive in the local post office, but with these parcels I got a notification in Finland Post's "my post" app that some information is missing and they can't complete the customs declaration on my behalf.

I requested their IOSS number from Arrow's customer service (I already had all other relevant information: costs for goods and shipping, tariff code) and armed with that, I completed the online customs declaration without issues (and with no cost).

Also wrote back to Arrow CS, kindly requesting that they'd fix the problem at their end. Could take a while, though.
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Ordered this sweet looking THE FLASH (2023) Chinese blu-ray knockoff. Comes with full cover glossy insert sleeve and a gatefold slipcase that is nicely done in a pebbly finish texture with overlay glossy title, logos and images.
Package says Region Code 3, but it plays fine in Region 1 players - other regions not tested but likely not region coded.
Comes with both Chinese and English menus, and a full spectrum of bonus featurettes on the Making of the film which were likewise booted from a domestic release.



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