Zavvi - Retailer chat [Europe]


**Retailer charges cards when items ship

Per update received at HDN, starting with August 4,2014 releases, Zavvi will ship in boxes again.

[email protected]

Possible contact #s:

- 08442 640702
- 01606 336169
- 08442 439088

Thanks yeslek!

Current packaging is a cardboard mailer with the steelbook usually wrapped in either a layer of bubble wrap or foam

Update 9/5/2013:

Current packaging-thanks dv8mad:

Previous packaging:

3/20/2013 Comparison of Play's old packaging to Zavvi's new packaging-thanks Zesty!


14/03/2013 By Wreck:
I now have confirmation that I can announce ... for all those worried about future packaging from Zavvi. My Play contact has been working with zavvi as well on this mission for better packaging. Between the 3 of us and the future comments from this community after its in place I'm sure it will be go over well.
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from the pick line ......... :thumbs:
foam inside

1/19/2013 Member Nyvo tweeted Zaavi about packaging concerns. They said they may be looking into alternate packaging methods.

Zavvi shipping international list:
Zavvi UK

Box update1- 1/7/2014

Box update 2-1/17//2014-we're told they have boxes again.


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Any updates on INTL shipping ? As fast as the AMZ stock has been selling out, about to throw in the towel and pay for a UK mail forwarding service.
Anyone else having issues returning items to zavvi ? clicking on the return button in my orders end ups with a 'sorry we can't find this order' or 'outside return period' messages ...! despite me trying to return the Exorcist only released today and I got last week ?, same for the Barbie 4K steel, even the Zavvi provided 'pro' link doesn't work, (I had to message and got another link a 'lite' link which zavvi returns used to use alot and got a return form with a RS returns number. which does work, but you have to enter all the details.)

Zavvi are just a shambles at the minute.