Zero Dark Thirty (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Plain Archive Exclusive No.4) [Korea]

What would you buy?

  • 1. PET Full slip box with Steelbook

    Votes: 87 35.5%
  • 2. Paper Full slip box with Steelbook

    Votes: 56 22.9%
  • 3. Lenticular-PET 1/4 slip with Steelbook

    Votes: 45 18.4%
  • 4. Paper Full slip box with Keepcase(Amaray)

    Votes: 12 4.9%
  • 5. All 3 steelbook (Triple pack)

    Votes: 55 22.4%
  • 6. All 3 steelbooks and 1 Amaray (Quad pack)

    Votes: 53 21.6%

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Mar 21, 2013
South Korea
Release Date : April 28, 2015
Pre-order date: 19th of March, 2015
Price: See below
Notes: Gloss finish, inside artwork
Purchase links:

PET Full slip version $36.99 SOLD OUT
Paper Full slip version $36.50 SOLD OUT
Lenticular PET 1/4 slip version $35.70 SOLD OUT
Triple Pack $105 SOLD OUT
Quadruple Pack $136 SOLD OUT

Group buy: Masterblaster & apsmith21 (Anyone with THEIR OWN USA SHIPPING address may join)

ZDT_PET.jpg ZDT.jpg 14_SLIP_Front_5ad4e250-5c72-4d04-9fe3-b0e24f24839e.jpg ZDT_SteelBook_Sample_9b43d79c-e01e-4c38-b1a5-7912d0f2fe15.jpg




*** Rendered shot of Lenticular PET 1/4 slip
10986827_640036769474142_578801873961992022_n-1.png 10985269_640036772807475_3242625471074660206_n.png
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Jan 10, 2013
this could be nice, but i think atm most shops try to get a part of the steelbookmarket.
slow done the mass of releases would be not that bad!

Maybe they shoud sell The Wrestler.


You have to be tough in Finland
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Apr 21, 2013
I'm sure they will do a fine job of this, and they need to work hard to top the US steelbook.

Would've been great to see what a Korean publishing company would make out of a Snowpiercer steelbook release - but hey, you never know what they'll come up with next ;)