Zombie (Dawn of the Dead) (1978) 40th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray Limited Edition) (France)


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Product Description
40th Anniversary Collector's Box with 3 versions of the film, 6 hours of bonus and a book
- Blu-ray 1: European version of 119 '(editing supervised by Dario Argento with the Goblin BO), in a new master restored in 4K produced in 2019 by ESC Editions under the supervision of the Director of Photography Michael Gornick - VF and VOST
- Blu-ray 2: Version Director's US Cut of 127 '- new master High Definition, in VOST
- Blu-ray 3: Long version presented at the Cannes Film Festival Film Festival of 139 '(which includes 45 more scenes, 15 extended scenes, and 2 scenes with different images and sound) - new master High Definition, in VOST
- a Blu-ray bonus
- a book by Marc Toullec of 152 pages

Blu-ray 1 (European Version):
Audio commentaries of the 5 main actors (VOST)
Audio commentaries from George A. Romero and Tom Savini (VOST)
Audio commentary from the producer Richard P. Rubinstein (VOST)
Audio comments by the composer Claudio Simonetti (VOST) )
Unpublished presentation by Julien Sévéon, around the Zombie universe (30 ', VF)
Unpublished presentation by the director Bertrand Bonello in front of the public of the Cinémathèque (40', VF)

Blu-ray 2 (Director's Cut US):
Interview of Dario Argento, Claudio Argento, Alfredo Cuomo, Claudio Simonetti - Michele Di Angelo (30'20 ")
" The special effects of Zombie "", by Benoît Lestang (17'45 ", VF)
" About Romero "by Jean-Pierre Putters (18 ', VF)
Making of (7 ', VOST)

Blu-ray 3 (Cannes Version):
"The Zombies of Romero": Interview of George A. Romero by Linda Tahir and Christophe Champclaux (26', VOST)

Blu-ray Bonus:
The Dead Will Walk, (2004, 75 ', VOST)
Documentary: "Document of the Dead" (1985, 83'57 ", VOST)
" Il mago del gore ": interview with Tom Savini (VOST)
Amateur films on the set, with comments from appearing Robert Langer (UNDUB)
around the Monroeville Mall with actor Ken Foree (UNDUB)
exclusive Interview with Dario Argento (28 ')
international Trailers
TV spots
spots British TV
spots Radio
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Looks nice but seems overpriced considering it’s basically just a book included. The last Italian release was a lot cheaper but obviously there were issues with that one.


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There is a also a 4K UHD getting a release also from same French distributor but it's just the European cut of the film it don't include the other film cuts or bonus content

I expect second sight UK release will be similar to the French limited edition

Amazon prices are often high went first listed I expect price will drop
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