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THE INCREDIBLE HULK is Slated for 4K UHD Blu-ray coming in April

Marvel Studios’ second film, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, is coming to 4K UHD this April from Universal!

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It’s Official! Fight Club Coming November 17th!

You are reading that correctly, 20th Century Fox has officially announced that release of Fight Club. The film will be out on…

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$8.99 Blu-ray Pride And Glory

It doesn’t get much hotter than this! $8.99!!!  Edward Norton and Colin Farrell! Figured I’d clue you guys in on this one!…

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Primal Fear coming to Blu-ray

Paramount has detailed it’s March 10 release of Primal Fear. This film earned Edward Norton an Oscar nomination, this was Norton’s screen…

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John Q & American History X Come to Blu-ray April 7th!

Two men on a rampage, for completely two opposite reasons!  Two great catalog titles from New Line Home Cinema — JOHN Q…