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[Toy Fair 2023] The Return of the Extremely Long But Totally Awesome Collectibles, Figures, and Statue Booths from the Floor of the New York Toy Fair

Starting out my focused article with the collectibles section is quite daunting as there are no shortages of awesome toy manufacturers exhibiting…

Juan Ramos’ HALLOWEEN is being released by GMA on 10.29.21

Grey Matter Art is releasing HALLOWEEN by Juan Ramos and goes on sale October 29th, 2021!

Vice Press to Release Officially Licensed Halloween Poster by Matt Ferguson

Illustrated by Matt Ferguson, Vice Press co-founder, and produced under license from Compass International Pictures, this continues Matt’s series of John Carpenter…

Halloween Kills review: Michael Meyers Does Michael Meyers Things or Whatever

Look, it’s not that slasher movies are bad, it’s just that we’ve grown out of them. I’m going right into this without…

Grey Matter Art has announced a new HALLOWEEN screen print by Tyler Stout!

A new Screen Print of HALLOWEEN from Tyler Stout is releasing on April 15th, 2021 from Grey Matter Art.

Grey Matter Art has announced their HALLOWEEN releases! On sale 10/31!

Grey Matter Art is releasing their HALLOWEEN collection on Oct. 31st, 2019!

HALLOWEEN by Sara Deck is the next release by GMA

Grey Matter Art is releasing HALLOWEEN by Sara Deck as a screen print.

HALLOWEEN 2018 4k Ultra HD Review

Michael Madison reviews HALLOWEEN 2018 on 4k Ultra HD from Universal Studios.

Grey Matter Art has released HALLOWEEN by Gary Pullin and it is available now

HALLOWEEN by Gary Pullinhas been released and is available from Grey Matter Art.

Zavvi get into the Halloween spirit with exclusive 3D clothing [UK]

Our friends at Zavvi are getting into the Halloween spirit with an exclusive line of clothing

HALLOWEEN 2018 Theatrical Review [SPOILER FREE]

Michael Madison writes a theatrical review for the new horror film HALLOWEEN 2018.

Blu-ray Tuesday: October 16th, 2018

This week’s Blu-ray releases for October 16th, 2018.

Halloween Ultra HD Blu-ray 4K Review

Halloween is a 1978 American slasher film directed and scored by John Carpenter, co-written with producer Debra Hill, and starring Donald Pleasence…

Blu-ray Tuesday: September 25th, 2018

This week’s Blu-ray releases for September 25th, 2018.

TRICK ‘R TREAT Film Review

Coby Evans gives a review of one of his favorite Halloween films, TRICK ‘R TREAT.

Halloween’s Movie Treats: The Impact Horror has on Halloween

Halloween. Candy. Halloween. Costumes. Halloween. Horror. Halloween. … Welcome to HDN’s Halloween Fest 2017!