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[Second Opinion] DOCTOR STRANGE Theatrical Review

Julian M. Miles provides HDN’s second look at DOCTOR STRANGE.

DOCTOR STRANGE Theatrical Review

Is Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE the fun film that everyone is hoping for? Jenny Davies reviews.

Scott Derrickson tweets an image of Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE

A picture of Benedict Cumberbatch as Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE has been posted by director Scott Derrickson.

Benedict Cumberbatch is Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE

It has finally been settled: Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast as the Marvel Studios’ DOCTOR STRANGE. Steven Strange, who was mentioned in…

Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE Gains Director and Possible Star

With the recent derailment of their upcoming ANT-MAN film, Marvel Studios have shifted their attention towards their resident Sorcerer Supreme, DOCTOR STRANGE….