[CLOSED] [HUB] (USA ONLY) John Wick: Chapter 2 NL Steelbook

This group buy is for John Wick from the NL - USA members only!

  1. apsmith21
    Release Date:
    June 22, 2017
    I have a source in the NL that is willing to send one set of John Wick: Chapter 2 steelbooks to me and I will reship to members in the USA.

    Note the steelbook (like many NL releases) has a printed ratings logo!

    To reserve a copy, you must pay for your item!

    Cost breakdown is follows:
    17.99 Euro
    2.00 Euro tip for our host
    **No GB fees**
    Paypal fees

    Cost to be billed:
    Depending on copies ordered - NL shipping to USA ~ 4 euro at 7 copies
    ~2.5 euro at 14
    Shipping & packing materials ~ TBD
    Shipping 1st class to you in the USA - $5.00 (includes first class and packing)

    Approx remaining costs total: $12.00 or so

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  1. Arrived
  2. Cleared US customs
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