Target [CLOSED] Kong: Skull Island Blu-ray Lenticular Edition

Target Exclusive with extra content

  1. apsmith21
    Release Date:
    July 18, 2017
    Hey members!

    I'm hosting a group buy for any of you people out there that are interested in the Kong: Skull Island Lenticular slipcover from Target


    Pre-order cost is $24.99
    Sales tax of 5.5% per copy
    HDN GB Fee of 7.5%

    Paypal fees are included in final cost. Shipping TBD later.

    Original link -

    You'll note that the price will not likely drop further, but in order to guarantee the number of copies requested, I order from ahead of time and cannot price match.

    Paypal fees will be included in any invoice sent.

    Limit of 2x copies per request.