Funny/Awesome Movie Related Videos!

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Ltd. Ed./Birthdays/Video Game Mod
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May 18, 2013
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I just wanted to create a thread where we can share videos that are not official trailers or featurettes :thumbs:
Anything funny/awesome/fan made but film related! HAVE FUN! :woot:

hdn film reel.jpg



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Dec 2, 2011
Oxie, Sweden
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Intro guy: Killer gangs, insane, macabere a speculation in blood

female clerk: Yes ?
customer: This movie is abominable, sex, violence, filth and perversions
female clerk: so you want your money back ?
customer: No, I want sequel

yes the movie is more funny for those of us that speak and understand swedish, the mindset of the customer is on point
the later part of the clip is taken from an old humor show here in sweden