Sicario (Blu-ray SteelBook) [Germany]

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Premium Supporter
Dec 7, 2013
Southsea UK
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Fantastic movie! Hoping for a different artwork than the UK version.
The UK artwork is still to be confirmed. Personally speaking, I do hope that they retain that image. I'm not normally into abstract art but in this particular case, I think it goes well with the essence of the film.

In any event, whatever the UK artwork ends up as, that for the German release stands a very good chance of being different, since Lionsgate titles are distributed in Germany by Studio Canal.

This is one of my favourite films of the year, and I've seen some good ones. It may well be the case, therefore, that I end up double dipping, should we get two Steelbooks with different artwork.


The Minion Ninja
Premium Supporter
Sep 6, 2012
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A terrible steel for an awesome movie.
Watched the movie yesterday and was very impressed.:thumbs: