[CLOSED] Custom - 'Hereditary' Fullslip (DIRECT SHIPPING TO USA)

Please, ensure you understand the HDN rules + mine before committing this GB.
By purchasing here you HAVE to take the Fullslip. NO BACKING DOWN!

Remember subscribe to this thread in order to keep inform and read the updates.

€19.45 each Fullslip (€10 + €1.5 HDN + Shipment to the USA + 5% PayPal Fees).

General Shipping Costs:
Remember: Shipping Costs are included in the price.

Also: remember that I do this GB spending a lot of my free time making these Fullslips for you.
So, if you think my work deserves a tip, that’s totally at your discretion.

Trading feedback after you have received your Fullslip will be much appreciated. I will do the same with all of you.

These Fullslips are exclusively available at Hi-Def NINJA.
I do and offer them to the Ninjas almost at cost price, and I spend a lot of time doing them.
If any of the buyers is found reselling them on eBay (or similar) will be automatically banned from any of my future GBs.