Best Buy [CLOSED] Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 3D & 4K Blu-ray Steelbook Group Buy

Hey everyone! Thanks again for your group buy support!

Just to let you know, I was on vacation, working on my house this past week.

I've just gone through the steelbooks and can confirm that I have a copy for each of you, no spine slashes and no visible dings or dents.

That being said, I'm looking to start packing up over the next few days and you'll see an update via e-mail when your items ship.

I have a number of messages to catch up on, so if you have any questions, it might be a bit before I can get back to you.

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When these are in hand, I'll advise more about their condition. Hearing a lot of spine slashes. Have ordered extras, hopefully enough arrive without trouble.

If I have extras, I'll restock the group buy.

PM or post on the the GB thread for more info...
these should be shipping soon - I likely have extras if anyone is searching.