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Custom/Fanmade Lenticular Black Panther and Star Wars The Last Jedi Slipboxes

Apologies once again for what seems like the longest wait for a GB ever but they are here now so shipping invoices will be coming soon ;)

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Thanks for your patience all I know it's been a long time coming but just had an email and snappily is back so I will get these ordered now ASAP :D
To keep you all in the loop below is the latest reply I have had from snappily about when the site will be back.


I will keep chasing them and hopefully get them finished soon but if anyone wants a refund just let me know :(
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OK so sorry I haven't been as efficient with the updates on this on but we have had a death in the 'near' family so got a little busy :(

Anyway as to this I have been busy and have most of the boxes done unfortunately snappily are experiencing some website difficulties and has been down for the last week or so. I've been in touch and they will be back soon but soon is a very generic term I will keep you updated ;)

so after a busy night on cutting duty I think I am actually ahead of target! Oh and I've done the stickers as well :p