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Custom/Fanmade Lenticular Logan and Hacksaw Ridge V2 Slipboxes

@wouter @Miffed @blu-steel @nemesis45 @kolchaker @TheStixter @popeye

All now shipped can you please pay shipping invoice if you haven't already I've been a little trusting on this one ;)
In what can only be described as ruthless efficiency lenti's arrived Wednesday and shipped today

@Zyrin @C.C. 95 @ckman88 @Wireduck @Josebus @rsaotome @subbuteo @cohelfer
Seems like I have some work to do :D

Boxes all made and ready to go, lenti's on order so won't be long now :D

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Will be wrapping this up early Sunday morning so I can get the leni's ordered so if yoiu want them get them now :D