Target Stranger Things 2 (Blu-ray & DVD) VHS Collectors Set

Hoping to get the bulk of these packages out tomorrow, in advance of the USA holiday. I took Friday off last week to pack, and continued on Saturday & Sunday this past weekend. Next step is to print the labels, hoping to do most today.

Here's a photo from my instagram so you can see how many items I'm shipping out.

Hello everyone! These editions are indeed in hand and I'm beginning the process of tabulating everyone's orders and packing up items.

Just to let you know, this edition is SUPER HEAVY. If you have more than 1 other item, I will definitely an additional payment for shipping from you.

I will send private messages to anyone that is OVER the base shipping rate with instructions about how to proceed with payment.

Until then, please remain patient, as I haven't gotten to you yet. Also note, if you only have 1 item, and this is it, you can safely pay for shipping at any time.

I will respond to PMs as I can, but please note that there are a lot of shipments to pack and I'd like to focus on that, any response from me will have a delay.

Otherwise, you'll see a shipping notice via e-mail and nothing else is needed from you at this point.

Thank you!
hi everyone, great news, I got my orders in this AM and was able to get enough for all of you.

I'll next update when they are in hand. If any of you are interested in a second copy, now is the time, I can still order more from the website
if you want another one.

If anyone is searching for Season 1, we had some Blu-ray & DVD extras that were backed out on or never paid for, so just to get rid of them, I've reduced the price to $12.99!!

Add the item on if you'd like and pretty sure shipping costs will be the same for S2 + S1.