1. M

    Alien: Covenant blu ray region?

    Hi, Does anyone know if Alien: Covenant US blu ray is region free? I saw Twentieth Century Fox releases 75% blu ray region free and releases 25% blu ray region locked. I really want the Digibook Target Exclusive and I have only PS4 region B. I hope someone will help me to confirm if the blu...
  2. digitalbabe

    [Winner chosen] *Win* an Alien & Alien Covenant Prize pack-ends Aug 20!

    :ninja:Hello Ninjas!:ninja: To celebrate the new release of the Best Buy Alien Covenant Steelbook and the Alien franchise, HDN is sponsoring an Alien-themed giveaway this week! The winner will receive: 1) Alien Covenant Best Buy Exclusive Steelbook 2) Alien Playing cards 3) Alien t-shirt...