1. digitalbabe

    Hero Complex Gallery  Mystery Tube Sale!

    We've been receiving numerous requests for us to hold another TUBE SALE, and since we've been overhauling our warehouse this Spring for greater functionality (AND finding some amazing treasures in our flat file drawers), it's a perfect time to launch a new MYSTERY TUBE SALE! For those who don't...
  2. AlienKing

    Hero Complex Gallery  "Mechanically Acclaimed: Squiddy" by Peter Gutierrez

    Links: HCG Price: 35 USD Size: 18x24" Edition: 35 Notes: Giclee print; hand numbered; for Young Guns of Print (2013)
  3. AlienKing

    Hero Complex Gallery  "Red Pill, Blue Pill" by Lord Byron Bradley

    Links: HCG Price: 30 USD (small); 50 USD (large) Size: 12x12" (small); 19.75x19.75" (large) Edition: 100 each for small and large editions Notes: Fine art giclee print; hand numbered; for Pop 2 Action (2014)
  4. AlienKing

    Hero Complex Gallery  "The Matrix" by Timothy Anderson

    Links: HCG Price: 50 USD Size: 36x12" Edition: 50 Notes: Screen print; hand numbered and signed; for Sci-Scapes (2016)
  5. AlienKing

    Hero Complex Gallery  "Guns. Lots of Guns." by Vance Kelly

    Links: HCG Price: 65 USD Size: 24x36" Edition: 325 (original); ? (variant) Notes: Screen print; hand numbered; for Quattro 2 (2017)
  6. C2V3N

    Hero Complex Gallery  WonderCon Releases

    WonderCon release #1 Goonies (regular) Artist: Kevin M. Wilson / Ape Meets Girl Size: 24"x36" Edition: 250 Price: $55 Info: Screen Print on Metallic Blue Paper Mad Max: Fury Road Artist: Jordan Buckner Size: 12"x36" Edition: 75 Price: $45 Info: Fine Art Print live now at...
  7. tridon

    Wed-Day 3  Retailer-Sponsored Giveaway - HERO COMPLEX GALLERY - Multiple collectibles to be won!

    THIS NINJA WEEK GIVEAWAY HAS BEEN DONATED BY… HOST: Yours truly DURATION: Ninja Week - Feb 24 to Feb 28th WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All registered members, regardless of post count. THE PRIZE: The kind people at Hero Complex Gallery are offering the chance to win multiple items for multiple...