lenticular packaging

  1. Aniv

    Manta Lab [OPEN] GB The Legend Of Tarzan STEELBOOK(LENTICULAR SLIP) Steelbook Manta Lab Global #004

    Dear Ninjas, I am happy to host the GB for MANTA LAB GLOBAL #004 The Legend Of Tarzan Steelbook (LENTICULAR SLIP) Release Discussion & Info : Click Here Estimated Release Date: January 26th 2017 Lenticular Slip (Numbers 001-500) – Limit 2 Per Member (Total Available to HDN 100...
  2. kryptonite

    Point Break (2015) (3D + Blu-ray Lenticular Slipcover) [USA]

    Release date: March 29, 2016 Purchase link: Amazon Price: $27.99
  3. GVZER

    The "BURRAGUM" Lenticular Slipcover Discussion Megathread

    The Lenticular Slipcover Megathread (I dedicate this thread to BURRAGUM - RIP LENTI LOVER -Wreck.) NOTE: Main Lenti/holographic list can be found at #2 or click HERE