Manta Lab [OPEN] GB The Legend Of Tarzan STEELBOOK(LENTICULAR SLIP) Steelbook Manta Lab Global #004


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Jan 6, 2015
Dear Ninjas,

I am happy to host the GB for MANTA LAB GLOBAL #004 The Legend Of Tarzan Steelbook (LENTICULAR SLIP)



Release Discussion & Info : Click Here

Estimated Release Date: January 26th 2017

Lenticular Slip (Numbers 001-500) – Limit 2 Per Member (Total Available to HDN 100 Copies);

Payment Due Date (No Credit/IOU/Layaway Options Available) – Please pay by January 10th 2017 . Invoice will be out by January 9th. Any unpaid orders will be cancelled.

Pricing - [Retail Price + HDN GB Fees + Shipping Fees Varies by destination + PP Fees]


- Lenticular Slip : Super Clear/Depth "3D" Lenticular, Full UV, Embossing

- Photo Booklet(Case Size)

- Postcards (4ea)

- Exclusive Numbering Sticker + Exclusive Release Front Sticker

Shipping Prices (Same as Independence Day Resurgence GB Shipping Price) - Shipped Directly From Manta Labs Hong Kong.

Price - $48.30 (Includes HDN + PP fees) + Shipping Extra
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Aniv, if there isn't a limit to how many you can buy I'll take two to the uk, thanks (ofcourse, otherwise I'll take the single copy, thanks)
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Group Buy Closed! Thank you for participating. Invoices coming today in the evening.