mondo steelbook

  1. [WINNERS CHOSEN] Andy's Mondo x Steelbook Giveaway! #009

    Congrats to @Djpaddy and @harssh333 HOST: apsmith21 DURATION: Starting on the 5th day of Ninja week until the conclusion! WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All registered members, regardless of post count The PRIZES: Two winners will receive a copy of BOTH Terminator 2 and Rambo (Mondo x Steelbooks)...
  2. HDN booth ltd oppt-Tyler Stout handbills to 1st 4 Avengers Steelbook buyers

    A last opportunity to own our remaining handbills. Come to our booth B35 Nov 4-5 and be one of the first to purchase a Mondo Avengers Steelbook.
  3. [Winner chosen] Digitalbabe's Shaun of the Dead Mondo Steelbook giveaway!

    Winner: @patcrazystar64 va Prize donated by: Digitalbabe Prize: MONDO Shaun of the Dead Steelbook Winner pays shipping. To enter: What is your favorite Zombie movie or series? Good luck ninjas! #bestweekever
  4. Mondo Steelbooks & stands at Hidefninja Booth-B4-Annie Hall

    Hi ninjas, Starting tomorrow, several Mondo Steelbooks will be available at our booth at Mondo Con, as well as some other non-Steelbook surprises at our booth. .