monsters university

  1. PunkNinja

    Monster University (3D Blu-ray) [Korea]

    Buy here
  2. Choi Chungkwon

    Monsters University (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Kimchidvd Exclusive #7) [Korea]

    Release date: November 27th, 2013 Price: 39.99$ Print run: 500 (Numbered: each edition will be numbered on MU student card) Infos: 2 disc set (3D+2D), Region free Subtitles: English / Korean / Chinese 1, 2 / Portuguese / Thai / Bahasa / Malay Pre-order links: Sold-out (Pre-order date was...
  3. digitalbabe

    Monsters University (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive: The Pixar Collection #2) [UK]

    Release Date: November 25th, 2013 Price: £23.99 Buy Link: Monsters University LIVE!! The others: Zavvi Exclusive: The Pixar Collection Blu-ray SteelBooks
  4. Ricker

    For the Kiddies Monsters University Chest

    My Nephew has a ball making all the different projects and it is FREE. Sign your Child up to make the Monsters University Chest, or Monsters University Scarers FREE. I actually would not mind getting one of these. Here's the link to sign up.
  5. B

    Monsters University (3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Blufans Exclusive No.8) [China]

    Release date: March 2014 Print run: Total print run of 2000 units Notes: Exclusive Cover Content: Actual pictures: 2D & 3D slips: