nicolas winding refn

  1. AlienKing

    Slipcover Valhalla Rising [Canada]

    Price: 12.44 CAD (Marketplace) Link: Amazon CA Release Date: Nov. 30 2010 Note: Exclusive to Canada
  2. Aniv

    [CLOSED] Steelarchive THE NEON DEMON Full Slip (Steelbook) - USA Hub Ship Only

    This Group-buy is only for Ninja's with a US shipping address. SA store will not ship internationally so I am making this available for those interested. Cost breakdown is as follows: Item Cost €49.95 Misc Fees - [(Split Postage to US HUB €5 per Copy + €2.30 HDN Fees + €2.70 packing Fees...
  3. Noodles

    Milan Records The Neon Demon - OST by Cliff Martinez (green & blue colored Vinyl)

    Released: July 1st, 2016 Purchase: - 35,95 USD - 32,49 USD - 24,77 GBP - 38,76 EUR - 29.99 GBP
  4. Last Lizard

    Horror-Theatrical The Neon Demon - In theaters June, 2016

    Title: The Neon Demon (2016) Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery Director: Nicolas Winding Refn Cast: Elle Fanning, Abbey Lee, Jena Malone, Keanu Reeves, Christina Hendricks, Bella Heathcote Release Date: 2016-01-01 Runtime: 0 Plot: An aspiring model finds herself in a terrifying predicament...
  5. tridon

    Slipcover Drive [Korea]

    I thought that the Drive collectors out there may appreciate this (I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I had the cash)... RELEASE DATE: Now Available PRICE (at time of posting): $30.99 ORDER: KimchiDVD Note: Second edition slip comes with a Blue Amaray instead of the Black one.