1. [US] FN-2187's COVID19 "I am starting to get hungry" Sale Thread

    Hello one and all! Upon the suggestion of another Ninja and good friend, I have opted to create a sales thread for some items that I wish to thin from my collection. So this I'm sure will be inevitably updated in the future- but since this is my first time hosting a sales thread and not just...
  2. Other [SOLD PLEASE REMOVE THREAD] The Neon Demon (SteelArchive Exclusive K 04) Steelbook [115/167]

    Hello all! I was really hoping not to have to let this one go- but the world is ending and I need the money, so hopefully this will go to someone who wants to check this grail off their list! It's been a very beautiful edition and an eye-catcher for many years- but unfortunately the time has...
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  9. Worldwide  Manta Lab 2nd Anniversary event Sale starts Dec 4,2017 Thanks @kevin890725 for posting. For the 2nd anniversary promotion,mantalab's going to give away few prototype products that they made for the release but never used as a real product. Also, they are planning to...
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    Hey ninjas, Pulling this out of price drop thread,for extra visibility. Sale live now Enjoy!
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  12. Worldwide  Black Friday 2017 general chat & faq

    Hey ninjas! Post questions or tips here. Thanks!
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