the geekcap

  1. tridon

    WINNER CHOSEN  HDN Blue Ninja Print w/ artwork by AlexG!

    HOST/DONATED BY: Yours truly DURATION: March 28 to a random time on March 31st (it'll be in the morning, EST) when I'll announce the winner by using a random number generator. WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All registered members, regardless of post count. THE PRIZE: The winner will take home a new 18" x...
  2. tridon

    Hi-Def Ninja Presents The GeekCap

    Very excited to announce that The GeekCap is now part of Hi-Def Ninja! A 5-10 minute show, The GeekCap quickly runs through all exciting, geeky news from the past week. This first episode was actually recorded on October 17th, but due to technical issues on everyone's ends, it's popping up...