video game

  1. shakylechner

    Multi Battlefield: Hardline (Future Shop Exclusive) [Canada]

    Seems that Future Shop will get a Steel for the new Battlefield....
  2. patcrazystar64

    XboxONE Halo 5: Guardians LE/LCE [Worldwide]

    No art as of yet but it's nice that it has been announced. Updated:
  3. irvine3008

    PS4 Bloodborne CE [Europe]

    Bloodborne CE Steelbook [Europe] Bloodborne Collector’s Edition (€79.99 RRP) The Bloodborne Collector’s Edition includes: Bloodborne PS4 game SteelBook case Premium art book with exclusive concept art Digital soundtrack of the game Bloodborne Nightmare Edition (€119.99 RRP) The...
  4. FanOfGaming

    WiiU Super Smash Bros (Future Shop Exclusive) [Canada]

    Release date: November 21st, 2014 Game purchase link: Super Smash Bros WiiU
  5. Tacozilla

    3DS Pokémon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby (Amazon Exclusive) [Germany]

    Release date: 28/11/2014 Price: €44.99 Purchase Link: Alpha Sapphire \ Omega Ruby
  6. Robsonmonkey

    PS4 Driveclub [Europe and Australia/New Zealand]

    Drive Club Release Date 8/10/14 Purchase Links: JB Hi-Fi ShopTo GamingReplay Amazon ES A Driveclub Steelbook will be coming out as a pre order bonus
  7. trikidicky

    Multi Alien: Isolation (Amazon Exclusive) [UK]

    Released: October 7th, 2014 Platforms: PS4, PS3, XB1, XB360, PC Purchase: Amazon UK
  8. elektrokuter

    Multi Wolfenstein: The New Order PE (Bethesda Store Exclusive) [Worldwide]

    $100 May 20th, 2014 Limited to only 5,000 individually numbered editions, the Wolfenstein®: The New Order™ Panzerhund Edition comes in a vintage footlocker-style box (measuring approximately 20" x...
  9. RobertJoseph17

    Multi Batman: Arkham City (PS3/XBox 360/PC Steelbook)(Catwoman Version) [Germany]

    Another Arkham City variant cover. This Catwoman cover can be found on