1. digitalbabe

    USA 4K movies under $12-Walmart
  2. digitalbabe

    Worldwide Black Friday 2018 Early Bird Chat and Rumor Thread

    Post what you’re looking to score this year! See a rumor for upcoming deals? Share it here.
  3. apsmith21

    Walmart [OPEN] Solo: A Star Wars Story Exclusive Slipcover

    Hey members! I'm hosting a group buy for any of you people out there that are interested in the Solo: A Star Wars Story - Exclusive slipcover from Walmart. Pre-order cost is currently $24.96 Sales tax of 6% per copy HDN fee of 7.5% Original links -...
  4. apsmith21

    Slipcover Solo: A Star Wars Story (Blu-ray Slipcover) (Walmart Exclusive) [USA]

    Release date: September 25, 2018 Purchase link: Walmart Price: $24.96 Group buy: hosted by apsmith21
  5. digitalbabe

    XboxONE [USA Deal] $199 Xbox One console + Fallout 4
  6. R

    Wanted: Star Wars The Force Awakens Gold Holiday Slip Cover Editions

    Hello - I am new to these threads and hoping someone can help fill a hole which I've found in my Star Wars home video collection. I am looking for the two gold slipcover editions of The Force Awakens which were released as Walmart exclusives during the holiday 2016 season (as shown below at...
  7. digitalbabe

    USA $39 60" ESPN Air Hockey table

    Get deal here
  8. digitalbabe

    USA Walmart Black Friday BIG DEALS sale

    Shop here
  9. digitalbabe

    USA All Movie Deals-Black Friday-USA retailers

    Note: Amazon usually price matches most if not all during the time these go live at Best Buy, Target and Walmart, and throughout the night. Courtesy of Slickdeals: Target (should go live 12:01 AM PST on Thursday Nov 23rd) $4 Creed (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)...
  10. digitalbabe

    USA Walmart Black Friday Ad Scan

    Ad Shop
  11. digitalbabe

    USA Walmart Holiday deals

    Live now
  12. digitalbabe

    USA Walmart Ad Scan

    Ad: Shop:
  13. digitalbabe

    FOX & MGM Blu-ray Series with Horror Faceplates - Art by Orlando Arocena [USA]

    Available at multiple retailers September 19,2017. If you purchase at Walmart you get a free coloring book with all designs.
  14. Drum18

    [CANCELLED] Mini-GB The Witch Steelbook [Walmart Canada Exclusive]

    GB CANCELLED as this is widely available: Legend: : Invoice sent : Payment received : Package sent TERMS: - Hi-Def Ninja rules apply to this GB. - When comitting by replying here, you HAVE to take the item. NO BACKING DOWN! - Please...
  15. bloodsnake007

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 - (Walmart Exclusive w/ Keychain) [Canada]

    Purchase Link: :walmart: Release Date: Mar. 22nd, 2016 Price: $26.96
  16. AlienKing

    The Prophet (Blu-ray Slipcover) [Canada]

    Link: WalMart
  17. rj531

    Zoolander (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Walmart Exclusive) [Canada]

    Release date: Feb 2, 2016 Purchase link: N/A Price: $13.88 Note: same as Walmart US Exclusive
  18. N

    Zoolander (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Walmart Exclusive) [USA]

    Release date: December 1st, 2015 Purchase link: Walmart Group buy: apsmith21 Price: $17.96 Note: SteelBook Giftset (Blu-ray + Digital HD + Zoolander Headband + Movie Money)
  19. rj531

    Christmas Vacation 25th Anniversary (Blu-ray SteelBook) [Canada]

    Release day: November 3, 2015 Purchase link: Price: $22.99
  20. rj531

    Mad Max: Fury Road (Blu-ray Slipcover + Comic Book) (Walmart Exclusive) [Canada]

    Release date: Sept 1, 2015 Purchase link: Walmart CA Price: $24.96