Aladdin (2019) (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Best Buy Exclusive) [USA]

Added to Calendar: 09-10-19

Feb 1, 2017
None of the stores in my city have any of these left. Hopefully they’ll come back into stock, I couldn’t swing any of the Disney or Pixar steels that came out today due to the Man of Steel HDZeta release

It’s the best looking steel that came out today by Disney but I didn’t expect it to sell so quickly. Many of the 4K steels Disney has released this year have been easy to get, in stock for weeks and weeks and many have gone on sale - save The Little Mermaid and Avengers: Endgame
Aug 2, 2019
Had to spend two hours driving to get this since my local store somehow couldn’t fill my pre-order made from over a month ago. This is the second time they’ve screwed me as the same thing happened with Thor. It was also odd that the second store showed out of stock online, but had about 6 or 7 still on the main display.