American Gangster (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (EverythingBlu - BluPick Series #09) [UK]

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Release date: June 14, 2021
Purchase link: EverythingBlu
Price: £42.98 GBP (Inc VAT) - £35.82 GBP (Exc VAT)

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Jul 6, 2016
Denzel looks petrified of the gun he's holding! Poor artwork.
he shouldn't be - it and the hand holding it are tiny.

looking at the original poster, it is his hand, but they have got the comparative sizes wrong when they cut and pasted the two heads and the hand into this new squashed format. :facepalm:

whoever 'shopped that in needs firing. would have been a marginally better artwork without the gun in their new configuration.

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Jul 31, 2012

Hello everyone,

It's finally here, American Gangster. Once again, we will be changing this release from a BluPack to a BluPick as we think it makes for a better release with the same detailing and quality as a BluPack.

Release Details:

- Print Run: Limited and Numbered - 001 / 850
- Limited Edition SteelBook
- Premium Slipcase with multi-level embossing and metallic details
- 6x A6 Art Cards
- A4 Poster (Tubed)
- Photo Booklet (28pg)
- Collectors Folder
- Premium Envelope with Foiling
- Plastic Numbering Card
- Numbering Sticker
- Region Coding: FREE (A,B,C)

£42.98 / £35.82 EU and ROW Customers
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Oct 1, 2020
With only being a run of 850, will this sell out almost instantly?

I'd love to pick up a 4k steel of this and for $50, I'm in. I just hope I can get an order in on the website being from the US.