Batman: The Long Halloween - Part One (Blu-ray SteelBook) [UK]

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Release date: June 21, 2021
Purchase links: Amazon UK - Zavvi - HMV - WB Shop
Price: £13.99 (Amazon) - £15.99 (Zavvi) - £14.99 (HMV - WB Shop)


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Dec 10, 2012
United Kingdom
Has anyone who ordered this from any of the Company’s received their copies?

Just would like to know if it is a delay overall or just with certain retailers.
Aug 9, 2012
I originally preordered from Amazon on day it was listed but as soon as they said they don't know when it will be sent, I ordered from HMV and WB shop. My one from HMV arrived today.
Jan 23, 2021
Going To give it a couple of days and see what happens with WB shop, I have emailed them also. Worst comes to the worst ill just cry in my pillow that i didn't get a DC animated steel for retail price for the first time in years.
I contacted wb shop yesterday to cancel and refund my order as they didn’t honour it. I instead ordered from ZavvI and they pretty much dispatched it straight away, thank goodness!!
Aug 9, 2015
Getting pretty p!$$ed off now. Cancelled the Amazon order as they dropped the ball last minute, ordered with WB who still haven't dispatched and are now investigating why goods haven't been dispatched. Then to top it off HMV and Zavvi are oos.
Refuse to pay the stupid prices people are charging on ebay.