Black Panther (4K+3D+2D & 4K+2D & 3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (WeET Collection Exclusive No.03) [Korea]

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Feb 21, 2017
Release date: August 20, 2019
Purchase links: Full Slip A1 - Full Slip A2 - Lenti B1 - Lenti B2 - One Click (Pre-order July 25 at 2 PM Korea time)
Price: $57.99 (Full Slip A1 or Lenti B1) - $51.99 (Lenti B2) - $46.99 (Full Slip A2) - $232 (One Click)
Notes: 1,300 copies (Full Slip A1 4K+3D+2D) - 650 copies (Full Slip A2 3D+2D) - 1,400 copies (Lenti B1 4K +3D+2D) - 650 copies (Lenti B2 4K+2D)- 300 copies (One Click). Total Print Run: 4000 copies
Group Buy: Full Slip A1 - Full Slip A2 - Lenti B1 - Lenti B2 - One Click


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Apr 21, 2019
Stunning. I kinda wish the one click boxes weren't sealed, just so I could admire them without actually opening the box. Fortunately, the one click box looks stunning too, so I'll have that. :D


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Apr 28, 2011
The Steelbook cant beat Blufans' but everything else looks better. I'd be really interested in seeing the lenti mod (where the lenti is removed) on B2 as I'd actually prefer that edition as a regular full slip due to the wrap around art
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Jun 4, 2013
Great! That just made it harder lol

Prob still lenti B2 for me but it’s all looking good
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