Blade (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [Germany]

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Jun 24, 2013
I'm not a fan of this new artwork. I prefer the poster-artwork, here:

It's a shame that they used the original poster-artworks so rarely. The big question is, if the 4K Steelbook will have a debossing or embossing of the title and which varnish they use. Actually I'm very disappointed in Warners treatment of the 4K Steelbooks, for example 300.

This Blade 4K Steelbook could look very nice if they used a high quality Matte Varnish (alternatively a high quality Zero Varnish like on IT Chapter 2 in Germany) with vibrant colours (exspecially on the red in the background) and a debossed silver title treatment.
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Aug 14, 2015
I used to have this one on the wall when I was a kid. But what bugged me after some while is his dagger-sized sword. Looks kinda silly.
Oct 21, 2013
prefer the original art, this makes it look as if blade is an avenger or something.