[CA] Buy my Steels Fund my Movie

Feb 4, 2013
Hey Guys,

Well I've finally decided to follow my dream of being a filmmaker. I've raised some money but unfortunately not enough. So like lots of collectors, I've got doubles... and I'm selling all of them. I wanted to sell them entirely through this forum that I've come to love but unfortunately I'm on a time frame for production. So once live I will leave this trade forum open until about about a week before I've got to pay for equipment and then these will be going on the auction block on Ebay. I for hope it doesn't come to that as I'd like my fellow forum members to have these.

I'll have shipping info up soon. Prices are in CAD

All steelbooks are for sale only and are open unless otherwise stated.

Reference Link


Rare "Grail" Steelbooks


Iron Man Future Shop Exclusive- Opened, some mild scuffing. No major scatches or dents - $300
Terminator Salvation Ironpack Futureshop Exclusive x 2. $100 each
Star Trek Futureshop Exclusive $100
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Futureshop Exclusive - $100
Captain America The First Avenger. Unsure of Origin Possible Singapore - $80
Inglourous Basterds Futurshop Exclusive (Missing Dog Tags) - $120

Other Steelbooks:

Cloud Atlas GE - 20
Full Metal Jacket CA First Pressing with Inside Artwork - 20
Rambo Zavvi UK - 35
Looper Futureshop Exclusive with Lenticular Magnet - 30
Batman 1989 CA First Pressing with Inside Artwork - 20
Only God Forgives Zavvi Exclusive - 25
Double Idemnity UK - 30
Goodfellas CA First Pressing with Inside Artwork - 20
Let Me In Zavvi Exclusive - 30
Insidious 2 GE - 25
The Dark Knight Rises CA - 25
Inglourous Basterds FR - 30
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Futureshop - 30
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Futureshop- 30
Saving Private Ryan Play.com - 30
The Town CA- 30
Argo Futureshop - 20
Seven Amazon.ca - 20
The Phantom of the Paradise Arrow Exclusive - 25
Iron Man 3 Singapore - 30
The Road Netherlands Metalpack - 200


Black Swan CA white slipcover - 12
Moonrise Kingdom CA slipcover - 12
The Golden Compass CA slipcover - 20
Interstellar Walmart NEO Pack - 25

Combine shipping for multiple steels
Don't hesitate to message me for more info
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