Canada Caligula: The Ultimate Cut (1979/2023) (Blu-ray) (Drafthouse Films) (Unobstructed View Exclusive) [Canada]


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Sep 10, 2012
Release date: September 17, 2024
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Price: CAD $44.98
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Disc 1: The Ultimate Cut
Caligula: The Ultimate Cut
Cannes 2023 Teaser
English Closed Captions
French Canadian Subtitles
Audio Commentary with editor Aaron Shaps and producer and reconstructionist Thomas Negovan
Audio Commentary with author Grant Morrison and producer and reconstructionist Thomas Negovan

Disc 2: 1980 Theatrical Version
Caligula: Restored Original 1980 Theatrical Version
Restored Original Theatrical Trailer
English Closed Captions
The Guccione Scandal
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  • the "ultimate cut" supervised by Thomas Negovan assembled from over ninety hours of negative material, adding animation and text panels as well as previously unseen shots, removing hardcore material, and restoring some of the original voices of the actors from production audio (~178 minutes). Like the release cuts, this version does not have the approval of director Tinto Brass.
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    So the ultimate has the hardcorce added by Guccione removed.
    It might be interresting to watch this as an alternative fan edit cut, but ultimate ?