[CLOSED] Back to The Future BOX (FilmArena #159 Exclusive) Group Buy [WORLDWIDE]


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Oct 22, 2011
Czech Republic
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[OPEN] Back to The Future BOX (FilmArena #159 Exclusive) Group Buy [WORLDWIDE] - Official HDN GB for FilmArena exclusive of Back to The Future

Release thread: Back To The Future
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Price: 6999 CZK
Paypal Fee: 7% - 490 CZK
HDN GB Fee: 7,5% - 560 CZK

Total: 8049 CZK

After the payment was completed please send an email to [email protected] with following information in the subject of the email: :


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Final GB

PurchaseYesterday at 9:13 PMMiffed8049.00 CZKValidated4LM870282P8500646
PurchaseYesterday at 9:09 PMNightmarez8049.00 CZKValidated40J968873K287925B
PurchaseYesterday at 9:08 PMSteely-Booked8049.00 CZKValidated00958830X0158262R
PurchaseYesterday at 9:07 PMLegolas8049.00 CZKValidated48213857PW326002A
PurchaseYesterday at 9:01 PMrebelrocks8049.00 CZKValidated4HW76867RD027340E
PurchaseYesterday at 9:00 PMAlfred Kantorowicz8049.00 CZKValidated71V08548GT1676349
PurchaseYesterday at 8:57 PMCy18049.00 CZKValidated40S34119T95842419
PurchaseYesterday at 8:56 PMlunazero8049.00 CZKValidated02C19644PV349013T
PurchaseYesterday at 8:55 PMHereticz8049.00 CZKValidated1UX246612D578392V
PurchaseYesterday at 8:55 PMMickle_898049.00 CZKValidated83C64914F6182590C
PurchaseYesterday at 8:55 PMmebeingsilly8049.00 CZKValidated3W765577AA3005008
PurchaseYesterday at 8:55 PMsubbuteo8049.00 CZKValidated1UP57561C1215834M
PurchaseYesterday at 8:55 PMxAceRPG8049.00 CZKValidated74G86996NM188250T
PurchaseYesterday at 8:55 PMjayscott19698049.00 CZKValidated9XF41648PR154190D
PurchaseYesterday at 8:55 PMTheCollector868049.00 CZKValidated3D809715NA783160B
PurchaseYesterday at 8:54 PMHitman8049.00 CZKValidated0JJ13400VD319513Y
PurchaseYesterday at 8:54 PMYellowCake8049.00 CZKValidated3S2160736X585381H
Hey guys

The latest update from FA:

Dear Collectors,
let me give you a brief update on the two delayed projects BTTF and Predator.
We are waiting for when PREDATOR gets the final confirmation. From current information, it is possible to estimate that it will not be before Disney + starts operations in our territory, which should be June 14, 2022. After this date, we should know more. Until then, we also postpone these editions.
At BTTF, we were delayed in the delivery of an essential component, which is a premium cassette with a license plate and guitar picks. The BTTF BOX is the busiest box we've ever created, so we cared a lot. We believe that you will be able to properly appreciate this at the end of May when we should send out the BTTF Maniacs Box. If we take any minor delays due to more complex completion, please do not get mad at us for it. We only take the time that these editions deserve
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Hey guys

Small update for those waiting.

As you all can see FA is shipping their first copies to their direct customers. We are still for confirmation to have all GB copies ready so we can go pick them up (no point in waiting for just few copies).

Once we have them in hand we will send out shipping invoices.


PS: These boxes are pretty heavy plus there is the poster tube too, so Karel has to find bigger boxes to fit both of these in. The shipping estimate we can currently calculate at about 1070 CZK (PP fee included) for this box+tube to UK, meaning only these two items in box and no combining with other stuff. Adding something else will make the quote different of course as its all calculated by exact weight/volume/destination of the package.