Film Arena [CLOSED] GB The Revenant E1+E2 BOX (SteelBook Czech Republic) [Worldwide shipping]


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Oct 22, 2011
Czech Republic
The Revenant E1+E2 BOX #3 FAC Numbered Collection


Release Date: .2016

Release thread: The Revenant

Price: 3244 CZK (Czech Koruna) (approx. TBA €)

Price Details: 3000 CZK (SteelBook) + 60 CZK (Group Buy Fee) + 184 CZK (paypal Fee)


HDN exclusive limit for GB maximum 180 copies

GB limit: 2 copy per member.


I am sourcing these for collectors and not for someone to make profit from it so I hope I wont see any of these end up onEBAY or for triple the price in trading sections,otherwise I will be removing you from all my current and future group buys.

I cant pick any number I want, I just work with what I get. I will do my utmost to match numbers for some of you, but it is not guaranteed and by entering this group buy you accept this rule.


Only accepting payment via paypal and only in CZK (Czech Koruna). Buyer pays fees. Invoice for each title has to be paid separately (please do not combine multiple payments into one).

Invoices with payment/shipping information will be sent out via PM closer to release date.


Combining is possible if you are getting 1 box and it can be combined with only 1 more copy of another FAC. You will be getting invoice via PM for the item(s) you signed up for. In these invoices you will find two shipping options: SHIP NOW or COMBINE (instructions on how to use them are detailed in invoice, please read carefully as everything is explained in that invoice, message@Collector03601 ONLY in case you are unsure about something).

The actual weight of the hardbox fullslip cover was not confirmed yet so I cant say for sure if it will fit the usual shipping quotes. Please keep this in mind when signing up. Thank you

SHIPPING QUOTES - Shipping calculation already includes packing fee of 50 CZK + paypal fee

1 to 2 Boxes (3000g - 7000g) 1st class recorded delivery - approx 720 CZK (only UK)

Rest of the world:
1 to 2 Boxes (3000g - 7000g) 1st class recorded delivery - approx 1290 CZK (only US)


IMPORTANT: I don't speak English so if you will need to ask me something please send a private message or tag@Collector03601 who is helping me out with this GB and will be answering all your questions/queries/requests for me.



1. SK @Collector03601 333
2. SK @Collector03601

3. BR @boobymcgee
4. US @howarmat
5. US @Dano

6. UK @Sajid Ali
7. UK @Sajid Ali
8. FR @residentevil

9. JP @GoldenEye0915
10. JP @GoldenEye0915

11. UK @Danzigg1979
12. FI @Hamill82
13. UK @SteelbookGenius666

14. CA @Netclone
15. FR @oodbastoagogo
16. UK @sieffer
17. NL @davyb
18. @1er
19. UK @Zeefy
20. UK @ricster 99
21. DK @psymon

22. US @Askari23
23. DE @Radagast
24. UK @jasonupham

25. UK @Shayid
26. HU @Hardcore
27. PT @lost

28. ES @FullslipHD

29. US @bloodsnake007
30. RU @golomidov_alex
31. ES @guellium
32. US @blurayfanatic XXL
33. US @blurayfanatic XXL
34. US @jharm XXL

35. DE @Jeek
36. US @rdator
37. NL @SK117[/USER] 117

NOT PAID 38. ES @max steelbook XXL

39. US @capricornio34232
40. DE @metal hunter XXL
41. UK @Jac

42. US @C.C. 95 195

NOT PAID 43. MA @Umapathy Krishnanmoothi

43. UK @Lakerone
44. US @phishphan192 192
45. NL @TheWitness
46. CA @ran94 XL
47. NL @larson1977 XL
48. US @Escuby Du
49. HU @Friedel Tamás
50. ES @urotsu
51. SWE @Vendetta L
52. UK @thewerepuppygrr
53. FR @amicro L

54. US @cbs777
55. UK @Jedi clare
56. TH @comewhatmay
57. DE @Shooter75
58. UK @Agentcooper XL
BAN 59. FR @mehdi283

60. AU @ghostwhowalks 700
61. US @ChoppedUp
62. US @bobzilla

63. IT @duckandrun
64. US @Robert Dillard
65. US @TheStixter 196
66. US @TheStixter

67. SL @MrsRobinson
68. UK @HornyRhino

69. US @jeroda
70. US @jeroda

71. SWI @damnernsaduak
72. US @ace4
73. FI @Ranavalone
74. UK @mactaylor
75. FR @Lafleur

NOT PAID 76. TW @chlove0916

77. US @C.C. 95 second copy

HDN FEE PAID 30.9. 77x $2 total $154

Release Date: TBC 2016 (E3 later than individual releases - possibly October 2016)

Update: Release date of the Hardbox edition (E3) will be different to the individual releases (E1+E2) since production of the hardbox requires more time as its a hand made product and FilmArena needs to reserve more time to finish the previous box editions. The release date will be set around October so please keep that in mind when planning your combinations. Thank you

GB CLOSED 25.7.2016
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