Film Arena [CLOSED] Logan E1 (FilmArena Exclusive FAC #77) Group Buy [WORLDWIDE]


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Oct 22, 2011
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carllenc submitted a new group buy:

[OPEN] Logan E1 (FilmArena Exclusive FAC #77) Group Buy [WORLDWIDE] - Official HDN GB for FilmArena exclusive of Logan E1

GB CLOSED 6.6.2017

Release thread: Logan

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Price: 1000 CZK
Paypal Fee: 6% - 60 CZK
HDN GB Fee: 7,5% - 80 CZK

Total: 1140 CZK

When sending payment ensure to write following details in paypal notes and after the payment was completed please send an email to [email protected] with the same information...

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Tried for minutes to change my address and add a note, but PayPal kept freezing and booting me out. Finally got my payment to go through, but the shipping address WILL be different. @carllenc
I don't know if this is coming up for everyone else but I can't see anywhere when doing my payment for PayPal note. It may just be because I'm doing this from phone, but I saw nothing about adding note when I went to PayPal (which is strange since usually its there when I am on PayPal desktop)
Payment and email sent. But I forgot include details in paypal notes. Very Sorry. I send a PM. Huge Thanks
@apsmith21 here is a pic of my mobile screen when i ordered if that can help


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@apsmith21 here is a pic of my mobile screen when i ordered if that can help

Sure, but without payment confirmation from you, showing it from paypal, you're going to have to purchase again, as the transaction shows as unpaid in the system.

That's why I'm suggesting you check paypal and confirm back that it went through.

Then I can update your transaction here. :)