[CLOSED] PREDATOR BOX (FilmArena #158 Exclusive) Group Buy [WORLDWIDE]

Hey guys

Please read the latest update from FA below.

For now they updated the release date to 27th of July.

Dear Collectors,
let me give you a brief update on the two delayed projects BTTF and Predator.
We are waiting for when PREDATOR gets the final confirmation. From current information, it is possible to estimate that it will not be before Disney + starts operations in our territory, which should be June 14, 2022. After this date, we should know more. Until then, we also postpone these editions.
At BTTF, we were delayed in the delivery of an essential component, which is a premium cassette with a license plate and guitar picks. The BTTF BOX is the busiest box we've ever created, so we cared a lot. We believe that you will be able to properly appreciate this at the end of May when we should send out the BTTF Maniacs Box. If we take any minor delays due to more complex completion, please do not get mad at us for it. We only take the time that these editions deserve
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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