Crystal Defenders submitted for PSPgo

Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
The digital-only PSPgo has seemed to polarize some loyal fans of Sony’s handheld device. Many game developers and publishers, on the other hand, have shown commitment to the PSPgo and the new Minis service.

Square Enix is the latest company to apparently back the digital change. German ratings board USK has confirmed with Develop that Square Enix submitted Crystal Defenders for classification in early August. The game is published digitally on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, iPhone, and WiiWare.

The question now is whether or not Crystal Defenders will be released digitally, or as one of Sony’s new Minis title. The Minis titles will sell for less than normal digital releases, but would obviously be smaller games.

The PSPgo, which was officially announced at E3 this year, is set for release on October 1. Compared to its older PSP brothers, the Go is lighter, features a sliding screen, and will not have a UMD drive, opting instead for digital only releases. We have yet to hear Sony’s plan on how the company will deal with UMDs for people who plan on upgrading their PSP to the new Go.