Multi Cuphead Collector's Edition


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Jul 28, 2019
United Kingdom

Store: iam8bit
Price: $199.99
Shipping: Q1 2023
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Agree. I don't think even a steelbook would justify $200.
its 200$ + 90$ shipping to europe here lol

i mean the extras are quite nice if youre into them and i can imagine theyre quite pricey to produce, but they should really release a regular steelbook/slipcover or plain vanilla amaray case for the rest
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I’ve also just thought aswell, if you have Cuphead then you’ll want Mugman aswell

I just don’t know why they didn’t do a nice statue of Cuphead, Mugman and Ms Chalice…with a steelbook obvious. They could have made the statue light up or something, play the games theme, I don’t know. Do they even do any puppet like things on the game? I literally can’t remember I played it when it first launched.
Which one did you buy? I ended up ordering two of each Switch/PS4 :dizzy: Hopefully none will arrive damaged.
just one of each switch/ps4.. i only ordered twice from them (mega man 11+resident evil 2) and thats quite a while ago.. i think mega man arrived in sh1tty packaging but re2 was much better and it arrived mint..
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@Thoth they arrived very well packaged in a cardboard box with bubblewrap.. same slip for switch+ps4 (theres a small cardboard) inlay for the switch version

definitely nice enough to not give a fcuk about the iam8bit edition anymore





oh and also found this neat french futurepak

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@hatredhorror where did you find the futurepak?

I love the sleeve! Really nice colour combination with the vibrant red and gold foil.
yeah the sleeve is really, really good.. i can already see iam8bit sweating.. doubt theirs will be as nice as this one


there were quite a few listings.. its a french exclusive
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